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RiseNY – NYC’s Hottest New Attraction

RiseNY is the hottest new attraction in NYC for 2022.

I was so excited to be invited to a preview of RiseNY, and it blew my expectations OUT OF THE WATER!

Seriously. I went to RiseNY not knowing what to expect. I hear RiseNY was a ride a bit like Soarin’ at Epcot. I really loved that ride when I visited Epcot in September, so I was stoked to experience a similar ride. But that was basically where my knowledge of RiseNY ended.

It turned out the RiseNY is a three-part experience! Let’s explore each section of the experience.

You can also watch my video review of RiseNY to learn more about the experience.

RiseNY  –  Take a Trip on NYC’s Very First Subway

The first part of RiseNY is an 8-minute long movie experience. The theatre is set up like an old subway station. A subway station in 1904 to be exact. That was when the NYC subway opened. This movie allows you to pretend that you are riding on that very first subway ride. RiseNY also treats you to a journey through time, narrated by Jeff Goldblum! The footage included in this movie even managed to impress this tour guide, who thought she had seen just about every documentary about NYC that existed! Overall, this was an A+ beginning to RiseNY.

RiseNY – The Museum

The second section of RiseNY is a multi-room museum. The exhibitions include a check signed by Alexander Hamilton, a history of the NYC skyline, a recreation of a late-night talk show set, a fashion room, and Broadway costumes! This museum is sort of a Museum of the City of New York “light.” The artifacts and exhibitions are carefully chosen and will be engaging for history buss and young kids alike.

RiseNY – The Ride

The crown jewel of the RiseNY experience is their flight simulation ride. The concept of the RiseNY ride is that you are flying 30 feet above the NYC skyline in a 4-D experience that includes light mist and some invigorating scents. (Not the scents we think of on the subway. These scents are actually refreshing.)

The RiseNY ride was a lot of fun. I mean – a LOT of fun. So much fun I actually asked to do it again! Fortunately, when I went, it was empty so they obliged and the ride was just as good the second time around.  


Overall, I had a lot of fun at RiseNY. RiseNY is the perfect thing to do with a family and in bad weather. If you’re looking for awesome things to do on a rainy day in NYC, RiseNY is the perfect solution. I went to RiseNY with my fiance. We are both history buffs and had a lot of fun seeing NYC history highlights brought to life. I definitely give RiseNY two thumbs up!