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NYC Elite Tours

For over a decade I have worked with the best tour guides in NYC. It quickly became apparent how fabulous tour experiences could transform a “meh” vacation into “the best trip ever.”  The guides that… Read More »NYC Elite Tours

Tours with Megan

Book a Private Tour with Megan Megan is the founder of The Megan Daily Tours and has been a licensed New York City tour guide for over a decade! These are her most popular and… Read More »Tours with Megan

Custom Tours

Who are custom tours for? Custom tours are literally for everyone. It’s your vacation! This is the time to see exactly what you want to see in NYC. Whether its superhero film locations, a deep… Read More »Custom Tours

Senior Groups

I have a special passion for senior groups and have worked for hundreds over the course of my career. We will take the tour at an appropriate pace while showcasing the vibrant energy of the… Read More »Senior Groups

School Groups

Our guides have worked with thousands of students groups over the years and we are passionate about all of them. It would be an honor to show your school group around the Big Apple. What… Read More »School Groups