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@TheMeganDaily has an organically-grown and engaged audience, actively booking vacation and business trips, at all price levels. With over a million monthly views across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, @TheMeganDaily will help you reach your target audience and amplify your message.

Content on @TheMeganDaily has been highly praised as being “authentic,” helping to enthusiastically build trust among our consumers, and in the industry as a whole.

The audience is especially interested in hotels, food, tourist attractions, travel tips & tricks, local hidden-gems, and history. 

Let’s collaborate to help people get their very best travel experience!

Guest Speaker

Looking for a knowledgeable New York City expert to engage, educate, and entertain at your event? Megan will package her ten years of tour guide experience and package it into a dynamic presentation that will leave your guests raving. 

Choose from one of Megan’s prepared presentations or request to have one tailored made for your event.

1. Welcome to New York

  • Length: Can be tailored to last anywhere between 20-40 minutes
  • Q&A or Meet & Greet Available After Talk
  • In-Person or Webinar

This talk is perfect for welcoming an audience to New York City. During this presentation, guests will learn how to navigate New York City, become experts in the neighborhoods of Manhattan, discover the four basic NYC “food groups” they must eat, touch on important moments in history, and most importantly, learn what makes a New Yorker a New Yorker. Entertaining, poignant, funny, and packed full of information, your guests will leave with all the information needed to get their very best NYC Experience.

2. Rising from the Ashes

  • Length: 20 Minutes
  • Q&A or Meet & Greet Available After Talk
  • In-Person or Webinar

“Rising from the Ashes” inspires audiences by showing how the smallest act of kindness can help a person, or indeed an entire city, rebuild stronger than ever, in the wake of a tragedy. During this talk, audiences will learn about the past, present, and future of the World Trade Center site, as well hear accounts of heroic feats, from that infamous day. On a day when we saw the worst of humanity, we also saw the best of humanity. Lear how good deeds help these heroes’ legacies to endure.

Custom Presentation Inquiry form:

On-Camera Host / Historian

Many viewers may recognize Megan from her appearances on The Travel Channel’s Mysteries at the Museum

Megan is an experienced television personality, and would love to bring her history degree and years of theatrical stage training to your on-camera projects.

Megan would be thrilled to bring her tour guide experience, content creator experience, performer experience, or historian experience to your YouTube Channel or Podcast. If you are interested in having Megan as a guest, please fill out the form.

Book a Tour with Megan

If you would like to book a tour with Megan, please visit her book a tour page.