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One-on-One Personalized NYC Travel Consultation

Traveling to NYC? I got you! Just follow this link to schedule a PERSONALIZED one-on-one NYC Travel Consultation.

Whether you are visiting for a day, a week, a month, spending a semester abroad, attending college, or moving to the Big Apple, I’m here to help relieve any anxiety you may feel, answer questions, and help give you your very best NYC experience.

I have over a decade of experience working with guests from all over the world.

I’ve given tours to seniors, elementary school students, celebrities, sports teams, politicians, corporate groups, fashion designers, welders, asphalt specialists, Croatian pharmacists, Russian theatre students, and, the toughest critics of all, locals who have lived in NYC their entire lives. I’ve worked on boats, buses, and even as a guide at One World Observatory, 1245 feet up in the sky! 

Originally from Florida, I understand how confusing New York City can be at first. For example, the very first time I ever saw snow, I was wearing Birkenstock sandals! I went running into a snowbank and learned my first lesson about snow…it’s cold! Snow was going to require something warmer than even the warmest Florida hoodie in my closet! 

If I can make your visit to NYC a little bit easier, whether you are moving here or just stopping by for a few hours, I’ll have done my job.