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Secrets of Lower Manhattan

This two-hour walking tour is one of my favorites. Lower Manhattan is where New York City, and in many ways, the United States, was born. Events that happened here have literally changed the world. See it all on the tiny southern tip of Manhattan!

Length: 2 Hours

Age: All

Number of Guests: Up to 10

Walking tour – wear comfy shoes!
(Approximately 1 mile of walking)

Tour includes:

  • Secrets of Wall Street
  • George Washington’s favorite chef turned spy!
  • An English governor who lived life in the most unusual disguise
  • What do a military fort, opera house, and aquarium have in common?
  • Canyon of Heroes
  • World Trade Center Site
  • 250-year-old chapel that survived 9/11 unscathed
  • Why everyone is OBSESSED with the Charging Bull 
  • Alexander Hamilton’s grave
  • A 4 Billion Dollar Train Station

…and more!

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