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Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island

On this tour, we will explore the history of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, two of the most iconic locations in New York City and the United States.

This is an excellent tour for families.

Length: 4 Hours

Age: All

Number of Guests: Up to 5

Walking tour – wear comfy shoes!
(Approx 1 mile of walking. A few stairs. Boat Ramp.)

*Note: This four-hour tour meets at Battery Park and concludes at the Ellis Island Museum. Once the tour concludes, you can further explore the museum on your own time, grab lunch, and head back to Battery Park on your own when you are ready. (Option for a five-hour tour that returns to Battery Park. Additional Guests can be added at the price of $25 per guest. Please email for details.)

Tour includes:

  • Tickets to Statue Cruises
  • Boat ride to and from Liberty/Ellis Island
  • Guided tour of the Statue of Liberty Museum
  • A secret military fort hidden in plain view
  • Learn how a magician once made the Statue of Liberty disappear!
  • Learn about an island next to the Statue that exploded!
  • Discover the four men responsible for making the Statue a reality
  • Learn the story behind Emma Lazarus’ poem THE NEW COLOSSUS
  • Guided walk through choice Ellis Island exhibits
  • History of immigration – before, during, after Ellis Island.

…and more!

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